Friday, September 30, 2011


Some interesting tidbits from the interwebs:

Over at Graeme's Fantasy Book Review there is an interview with Andy Remic, the man behind Anarchy Books and author of The Clockwork Vampire Chronicles...

Adam Whitehead at The Wertzone showed new cover art for from Daniel Abraham and KJ Parker here and new cover art for the Shadow Of The Apt series by Adrian Tchaikovsky here.

Meanwhile, the Robot Overlords announced the addition of Darren Turpin to their ranks; starting November 7th he will report directly to publishing director Marc Gasciogne , promoting all Angry Robot titles as well as developing new digital initiatives.  Welcome aboard, Darren!

At Gav Reads, I came across a post titled Diverse Reading Recognition where Gavin Pugh talks about two projects that address the gap in acknowledging two groups of writers that aren't white straight males; SF Mistressworks, a site that is sure to become a resource dedicated to books by women SF writers and The Green Carnation Prize, a prize created to promote and celebrate the best in LGBT writing.  As Gavin says: "...hopefully these projects are just the beginning of wider awareness of the diversity of writing available as well as where publishers are missing a trick by not bringing these types of books to the masses."  Please check them out!

That's it for today, folks!  Happy reading!

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