Monday, December 12, 2011

PULP FANTASIES & FETISHES by Sergio Karedenas (Rebel Without A Pause Productions)

Here is the first look at the new photo book by award winning photographer/artist/activist Sergio Kardenas, PULP FANTASIES & FETISHES.

Sergio is selling the book here and tells me it is a 72 page collection of both color and black and white photos,some never before published.  It's also a type of love letter to his fans, including shots depicting the fetishes that many of them enjoy; Suit & Tie, Science Fiction/Superhero, Cigar/Smoking, Beefcake and "The Real Deal" spread, which includes nudes.

If one of Sergio's fetishes appeals to you, or if you just love great photography,check out PULP FANTASIES & FETISHES!  And to learn more about the artist himself, check Sergio out on Facebook and as @sergiokardenas on Twitter.

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