Thursday, March 22, 2012

12 Days of Monsters, the 4 Book Club and Help Lovecraft eZine

This week's web surfing:

Over at the Weird Fiction Review,  in celebration of the annual International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts (IFCA), they are presenting "12 Days of Monsters"; the theme of the conference is "The Monstrous Fantastic" and guests of honor are China Mieville and Kelly Link.  Highlights of the 12 days include an interview with Mieville, the first web publication of Link's "Pretty Monsters" as well as monstrous fiction, comics, art and favorite monsters.  Check out the full week's schedule of the 12 days here.

Meanwhile the Robot Overlords have signed a new two book deal with Adam Christopher, author of Empire State and the forthcoming Seven Wonders. The new deal includes the sequel to Empire State, titled The Age Atomic, to be published May 2013 and a stand alone novel called Hang Wire to follow within a year.  This deal makes Christopher one of only three authors to have placed four books with Angry Robot.  For details on the new deal, click here.

Michael Davis, publisher of the quite awesome Lovecraft eZine, put out a call for help to readers of the magazine for donations to keep the March and April issues on track.   And his call was answered!  The two issues have been saved but it never hurts to continue to lend a helping hand; the eZine is a place to read great fiction in the Lovecraftian vein and also an invaluable resource to the uninitiated to the famous author and his Cthulu Mythos.  Help Mike and his family keep the magazine going!

Happy reading!


  1. Thanks so much for the link and shout-out about Lovecraft eZine. :)

  2. Of course Mike, always willing to help!