Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Blue Moon Cafe/Tales From The Sexual Underground by Rick R Reed

Yay for me!  I've recently received review copies of Rick's two new books, THE BLUE MOON CAFE and TALES FROM THE SEXUAL UNDERGROUND!  He was generous enough to make sure I got them and I will be posting their reviews here shortly.

Thanks Rick!

The Dell/Abyss Reading Project

So for the last few months I've been slowly but steadily chipping away at organizing my storage space, or as it's more commonly known, my parent's garage.  As soon as the both stopped driving it became the catch all for all of our junk.  It's been quite full, to say the least.  Then last month my sister got married and started moving HER stuff out and suddenly I have all this space to work with!  So...

While I was consolidating and rearranging, sorting things to keep and things to donate, I came across this one box that contained books from that amazing old imprint Dell/Abyss.  I tore into the box and decided I was going to start rereading these books because I remembered them so fondly and I've been missing reading some REALLY GREAT horror.  Not that there isn't any really great horror being published now, there is; but I remember that these books were so cutting edge back in those days and now, some may be considered classics.  Some of these authors have turned to other genres, some still toll away in horror and some have stopped writing.  All I know is these books are great reads, scary and horrifying, just like I like my horror!  I may "review" some, maybe not,  but if you're interested in reading some really excellent horror try searching for these old title; you won't be disappointed!