Sunday, May 29, 2011

Steampunk Sunday: Miscellany

Just some things I came across while perusing the internet this week, enjoy:

The Steampunk Scholar has updated his Top Ten Steampunk Books here and as always, it's a must read list for anyone interested in the genre...

The Airship Ambassador has a three part interview with Nick Valentino, author of Thomas Riley and Engine 316 upon his website...

I just saw this as well but it's from November 2010; at the Whitechapel forum, the brilliant Warren Ellis challenged people to come up with theater posters depicting films about a steampunked version of Batman.  There were alot of great entries...check them out!

Also, here is the transcript from the weekly SteampunkChat from May 20, 2011 where the topic was Wild West Steampunk; tune in every Friday to the #SteampunkChat on Twitter (6pm PST/9pm EST).

Good reading! 

Friday, May 6, 2011


Sorry for not posting for awhile; the dayjob and family functions have kept me from both posting and reading.  But things have settled down a little, so I'm trying to get back on track.

Also, with my 40th birthday fast approaching, I've been spring cleaning and organizing my "mental closets"; trying to jettison anything that keeps me from things I have to attend to.  I also decided to rename the blog and it is now going to be called "Benito Corral Reviews..." but it will still adhere to the mission statement I set forth for "Betwixt" in what I read and review here.

I also have plans to start a new feature here, "Steampunk Sundays" where I will post reviews of the steampunk books I'm reading and related items.  Keep in mind I am a complete newcomer to the genre but I am very taken with it and am diving into a reading list I've compiled based on devouring Steampunk Scholar's blog, SteampunkChat and recommendations from Airship Ambassador.  Hopefully this will be a weekly feature and I'm looking forward to lots of good reading!